New trends in icu nutrition

New Trends in ICU  nutrition  Who Should Eat? All patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) for more than 48 hours should be given special attention due to nutritional risk. The composite score is not very different from that of other inpatients.  When and how?  It should be used if oral or enteral routes… Continue reading New trends in icu nutrition

Biomarkers in ICU nutrition

In critically ill patients with organ dysfunction, biomarkers in ICU nutrition play an important role. Similar to metabolic adaptation to critical disease, an adaptation of cells to nutrient limitations can occur rapidly and is mediated by proteins that determine levels of anabolic substrates or cellular energy. For example, mechanistic targeting of rapamycin (mTOR) protein kinase… Continue reading Biomarkers in ICU nutrition

The role of nutrition in critical care

Nutrition in critical care patients (CCU) Ensuring that patients receive adequate nutrition is essential for their recovery. According to Kara Burns, inadequate nutrition in critical care patients further complicates the management of their underlying condition. During his talk at the North American Veterinary Community Virtual Meeting and Expo, he explained the importance of nutrition for… Continue reading The role of nutrition in critical care