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    Nutrition application based on ASPEN / ESPEN Guidelines
    Assessing - Planning - Monitoring - Managing.
    All - in - one tool for planning ICU nutirition.
    Secured Data through HIPAA COMPLIANCE
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    iNutrimon Success Story
    4000+ patients have undergone treatment using iNutrimon application

About Us

iNutrimon is the first award winning web-based application as per ASPEN / ESPEN Guidelines to calculate nutrition in critical care. This web-based application helps to monitor and create comprehensive Diet-Prescription Chart in less than three minutes per patient. This quick and convenient method not only gives better results in reducing risks like underfeeding, overfeeding and excess fluid-intake, but can help in documenting the nutrition intake of every patient. This helps to check for any anomalies in feeding-rate, deficit of caloric and protein requirements and compensate those deficits. iNutrimon helps to empower the Physician/ Dietitian to focus more on their Clinical-acumen and use the application as assisting tool in Assessing-Planning-Monitoring-Managing the clinical Nutrition of each hospitalised patient .

Our Mission

To elimate the manual calculation for nutrition therapy in ICU.
To become all-in-one application for healthcare professionals to solve nutrition delivery problems.
To become an enabler for reduction in hospital costs, through shorter LOS and better nursing care.

Our Vision

To become leading enablers of Evidence-based practice for patient health care

Features we offer

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Some Amazing iNutrimon Highlights

Manage patient records

Through iNutrimon you can create and maintain detailed patient record which will enable you to get patient records on-demand at the click of a button.

Calculate Physical details

Calculate BMI.
Calculate weight, Adjusted body weight, Ideal body weight.
Calculate height.

Patient Screening - NRS 2002 , Nutric , Apache,etc

iNutrimon makes screening easy. By implementing the screening formula in the application, you don't go through any mental stress to calculate the patient screen values.

Create Nutritional Planner

iNutrimon helps to create a nutritional planner based on existing patient record in the system. Within two to three minutes iNutrimon provides a diet plan suggesting calorie, protein and water intake required. Further also offering a detailed diet plan, having a combination of different brands.

Moniter patient

Monitor patient feed intake easily from the application dashboard. The user can also update amount of feed deficit (incase of vomit this changes) and reason for the same. This deficit feed could be carry forwarded in next day's diet plan to ensure feed guidelines are met.

Recovery report

iNutrimon offers in-depth patient record which gives detailed feed intake and deficit and also provides self-explainatory graphs along with reasons.

HOW it Works

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Detail of Operations


To access the application you have to register yourself by clicking this link.

The registration form asks basic details such as Name , Email Id , Contact No.

Once you have submitted the registration form you will receive a verification mail in the mailbox.

To verify click on the verification link. After verification you can go to login.
Login to access the application.

Login will only be possible if your are verified user.

If you are not a verified user, you will receive a message that "User does not exist."
Once you have successfully logged in to the application, you can create new patient.

This patient detail will be saved in the application.

Once the patient is added to the system, you can create their planners.
Over here you can create new planner for the patient.

The planner suggest you the brand from which you can select the one to be supplied.
You can monitor the sheet created, over here you can set the actual amount of feed been consumed by the patient

Set the narration about the consumption status.

If the patient does not complete the prescribed feed, then the balance feed adds to patient deficit value.


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Clear the doubts
iNutrimon is a web application to help doctors and dietitians elimate the manual calculation for evidence based treatment in ICU.
The user friendly software keeps different patient records which can be accessible from anywhere. The application helps doctors and dietitians to focus more on evidence based treatment instead of manual record keeping activities.
No. This is a web application so users have to register online. iNutrimon team verifies each user, post that the user can access the application through any browser (chorme is the best suggested) using their login Id and password
You can use the application using any gadget and from anywhere, pre-requisites are an internet connection and an updated browser to view the cloud application.
Once you register, iNutrimon is free for one month, so users can analyse how this application can be a boon in critical care unit. Once the trial period ends, you need to buy a subscription, please fill and submit the contact form for more details regarding the subscription.
Yes, we highly emphasise on security. We follow HIPPA guidelines for health care data security, check here for more details on HIPPA guidelines.
Free users can stop anytime, in case you have paid for a subscription please contact our team they will help you to deactivate the application and send all your data in excel.

WHAT Doctors & Dietian SAY ?

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Our Happy Users
  • “A top to bottom integrated approach towards clinical and therapeutic nutrition with advantages of analytics. iNutrimon is all set to form the future of evidence based nutrion practices.”

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    Dr. Rahul Pandit
    Director Intensive Care, Fortis Hosptial, Mulund, Mumbai.
  • “iNutrimon is a step towards evidence based practice, helping to formulate appropriate nutrition therapy and also analysing patient outcomes at the same me.”

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    Dr. Tushar Parmar
    Consultant & Coordinator, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai
  • “Apart from having benefits of digitalizaon, iNutrimon would help in reducing diversity and making evidence based nutrition a universal practice. An integrated approach towards Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition with advantages of Analytics. iNutrimon is all set to form future of evidence based nutrition practices. It can be safely used to collect data for research purposes. It's a boon to nutrition practitioners. With my 40 yrs of experience as practicing clinical Nutrionist I strongly recommend its use for day to day critical care Nutrition.”

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    Dr. Salome Benjamin
    Consultant Medical Nutritionist, Jupitar Hospital, Thane.
  • “This software helps in calculation and provision of specific calories based on patient’s requirements. This seems to be the future of nutrion calculation in ICU in evidence based era.”

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    Dr. Prajakta Pote
    ICU Consultant, Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune

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