Essential Screening Option Available Like NRS2002, SGA Etc
Prepare Recipe with IFCT Data
Plan Patient Sheet Via Disease Specific Formula or Predictive Equation
Record and Monitor Patient Biochemicals
Different Type of Feeding Options Like Enteral , Kitchen Etc
Reduce Patient Planning Time with the help of System Feed Suggestion
Option to Add Indirect Calorie Meter Data
Monitor Patient Progress and Maintain History


iNutriMon offers a host of features that help medical professionals immensely

  • Assists medical professionals in Screening, Assessing, Planning, Monitoring, and Managing Nutrition
  • Reduces risk of underfeeding, overfeeding, and excess fluid-intake
  • Documents nutrition intake of every patient
  • Calculates calorie and protein as per nutrition guidelines

Meet your hospital JCI/NABH guidelines with much required Nutrition Screening tools

  • Nutric Score

    Nutric Score in a commonly used nutritional assessment tool which is validated specifically for ICU patients.

    Nutric Score is calculated on the basis of parameters like:

    • APACHE II: a severity-of-disease classification system, one of several ICU scoring systems
    • The Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) score that numerically quantifies the number and severity of failed organs.
    • Number of comorbidities, number of days of hospital admission, physiologic variables, and biochemical parameters
  • NRS 2002

    The NRS-2002 is a validated tool for nutritional screening of patients between 18 to 90 years of age who have or are at risk of malnutrition. The tool includes standard screening parameters, such as body mass index (BMI), patient's age, weight loss, dietary intake, and severity of underlying disease.

  • Subjective Global Assessment (SGA)

    SGA is a nutrition assessment tool that refers to an overall evaluation of a patient's history and physical examination and uses structured clinical parameters to diagnose malnutrition. It gives accurate assessment of nutritional status, weight, symptoms, functional capacity, metabolic requirements, physical examination status within a few minutes.

  • GLIM criteria

    The GLIM definition of malnutrition is based on 5 diagnostic criteria: 3 phenotypic (clinical findings) and 2 etiologic causes. iNutriMon factors in these criteria to calculate the glim score and highlight the final stage of malnutrition status.

  • Built in APACHE 2 , SOFA and Glasgow Coma Scale score calculator
Nutrition Assessment Simplified
  • Anthropometrical assessment

    Quick calculation and reassessment of quantitative measurements like height, weight, BMI, etc.

  • Biochemical assessment

    Assess nutrient level of the patient by assigning new reports or by analyzing the previous report data.

  • Clinical assessment

    Note/Maintain patient medical history, co-morbidities, and reasons of hospitalization for screening and planning

  • Dietary assessment

    Assessment of information on dietary quantity and quality, changes in appetite, food allergies and intolerance, and reasons for inadequate food intake during or after illness.

Detailed Nutrition Planning
  • Select Nutrition Calculation

    Get Nutrient and Fluid Suggestion as per patient’s disease condition or predictive equations. Option to get accurate nutrient by adding stress factor or by using tools like indirect calorimetry

  • Different feeding option

    Plan nutritional therapy through kitchen diet, enteral, parenteral, supplements and additives or their combination

  • Easy Formula Feeding

    Stress-free calculation of feeding formula suggested by the system to meet patient nutrition requirements. Option to select the available products and check the number of scoops that meet nutrient requirement.

  • Generate Feeding chart

    Feeding chart calculates the number of feeds to be supplied in a day with respect to feeding type and its number of feeding hours selected. Option to take a print and provide its authorization

Easy Nutrition Monitoring
  • Option to start and stop the different feedtype and log its time and duration

  • Log in the reason of interruption and note observations in the feed

  • Application automatically calculates any nutrient deficit

  • Monitoring sheet gets logged for future patient progress

  • Print the monitor sheet for maintaining patient's physical files

Patient Management

The iNutriMon application also helps in effective patient management in the following ways:

  • Admission Management

    The application can help allot the department and bed to the patient, log patient's nutrition management process depending on the patient's condition on admission and log the patient's length of stay.

  • Case Management

    It can maintain a patient’s case file with case history and all records such as readmission, biochemical records, etc.

  • Regular Patient Monitoring

    The application can monitor the daily and weekly progress of the patient

  • Patient Discharge Management

    The application helps generate discharge cards for the patient and upload the diet chart for the patient for future use.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This is a web application so users have to register online and verify their email id. iNutriMon team verifies each user and provides confirmation. After getting email confirmation, the user can start using the application by logging in through the user id and password provided. The entire process may take a few minutes to 1 hour.

You can use the application using any desktop or tablet from anywhere. Pre-requisites are an internet connection and an updated browser. (Chrome is preferable.)

Yes, DocMode is an ISO 27001 Certified company, so we emphasize on security, and follow HIPAA guidelines for health care for data security. We also sign legal documents for not using any patient data for any purpose. On the tech front, we follow all the cloud security norms such as SSL certification, cloud server, user data encryption, etc.

Free users can stop using the application anytime. In case you have paid for a subscription, please contact our team. They will help you to deactivate the application and send all your data in an excel sheet.