Diet gastrectomy post surgery nutrition | March 26, 2022

Dietary Guidelines Following Gastric Resection

After the surgery, your stomach will not be able to fit as it was before surgery. You will need at least 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals as a dietary guidelines. This will help you eat the right amount of food, even if your stomach is smaller or deficient. If you… Continue reading Dietary Guidelines Following Gastric Resection

fat malgestion gastrectomy nutrition after surgery | March 26, 2022

Fat maldigestion after gastrectomy

In order to well digest and take in nutrients, enzymes which can be launched from the pancreas want to combine with meals ingested at meals. These pancreatic enzymes assist smash meals down in order that it is able to be absorbed withinside the small gut. After a partial or overall gastrectomy, a few sufferers might… Continue reading Fat maldigestion after gastrectomy