enteral utrition methods Nutrition March 13, 2022

Enteral nutrition(EN) refers back to the gadget of imparting vitamins at once into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract bypassing the oral cavity. EN is likewise broadly utilized in subacute, rehabilitation, long-time period care, and domestic settings.

Principles of enteral tube feeding: 1) Nutritional need to be met (together with all micronutrients)
2)Systems ought to limit contamination risks (cautious managing and as few connections as feasible)
3) The feeding tube ought to be used for drug transport with pharmaceutical advice (to limit blockage/drug-nutrient interaction)

Equipments: The following equipments can be used for enteral nutrition-

Enteral feeding pumps: These are mainly designed and different pumps ought to by no means be used. Enteral pumps commonly function on mains power with a back-up battery. Care ought to be taken to make sure that the battery is constantly charged. Pumps range in weight and may be used both on the bedside, connected to a drip stand or in a carry-sack.

Feeding tubes: A huge variety is to be encouraged via way of means of nearby exercise and preferences. The wishes of the affected person need to be paramount despite the fact that the probable frequency of tube adjustments is likewise a critical consideration.

Delivery structures: These incorporate a reservoir and a giving set. In maximum cases, feeding answers are supplied in a container, which also can be used as a reservoir. If a feed wishes to be modified, it’s far once in a while essential to decant into a brand new reservoir.

Risk Factors and prevention: There is a danger of bacterial infection if feeding structures aren’t cautiously handled. The preventive methods include- 1)Connections ought to be minimized
2)Equipment ought to by no means be used on multiple affected person
3)Giving units ought to be modified at the least each 24 h.
4)Reservoirs ought to simplest be used for twenty-four h and then they ought to be very well cleaned/sterilized earlier than re-use
5) Feeds ought to now no longer be hung for longer than the recommended
6) Scrupulous hand washing earlier than managing feeds is mandatory
7) Feeding tubes ought to be flushed regularly

The critically affected person is in a steady hypermetabolic state, ensuing in an drawing close lack of protein and speedy taking place protein malnutrition, that’s why the management of exogenous vitamins within the early hours is crucial to stopping the lack of visceral structure, protein reserves and circulating proteins.

With the charge of malnutrition in those sufferers primarily based on protein, we need not forget changes in metabolism which might be resulting from different macronutrients – lipid and carbohydrate – in order that we will cautiously calculate their required management.

In this way, we will keep away from facet results and minimise the danger of metabolic headaches which might be maximum not unusual with this sort of support.  A protocol ought to be observed for an affected person, taking several elements into consideration.

The achievement of enteral tube feeding relies upon on near co-operation among the medical group of workers and the affected person. Nutritional standards need to be determined even as imparting the routine nice desirable to the person wishes of every affected person.