smoking students smokers May 20, 2022

Smoking behaviour and smoking-related health problems in college students are very common. It needs to be addressed. Many Korean studies found that the prevalence among students is over 50%. Few studies on health problems related to smoking have been conducted in Korea. Several recent studies also showed overseas achievable effects of smoking on young adult health, such as depressive symptoms, etc. In addition, smoking behaviour was closely associated with other risk behaviours, including alcohol consumption, and several other psychosocial factors.

To explore the smoking problem among college students, the first step should be a national representative survey with scientific methods. More research should be focused on the smoking-related problems among college students. To prevent smoking among college students, smoking prevention education, smoking cessation counselling, and the initiatives for a smoke-free campus are needed.

Industries spend 72 million on advertising in the UK every year; For example, smoking cigarettes makes subarachnoid injuries six times more prominent in young smokers than non-smokers and doubles or triples the risk of female infertility. The journalists who are enthusiasts responsible for the increasing prevalence of asthma in anti-asthma drugs seem less curious about the publicity of the role of maternal smoking in asthma.

It mainly discusses the responsibilities of parents, teachers and doctors and provides a transparent indication of a greater role for the regime and local health authorities. Trade standards officers should intelligently enforce tobacco sales laws, and city councils should set an example by banning smoking on all their premises frequented by young people. Together they should encourage others to introduce policies to regulate smoking. Currently, more women smoke than boys, which is why the prevalence of maternal smoking during pregnancy is high. This leads to more miscarriages and postpartum cases and better perinatal mortality and has implications that extend into distant childhood with reduced growth and academic achievement.

Conclusions: Much of the analysis should focus on problems related to smoking among college students, for smoking cessation among college students, tobacco prevention education and smoking cessation counselling therefore smoke-free field initiatives are needed.