cows milk health impact of cow's milk milk May 24, 2022

Cow’s milk has 2 forms of beta-casein, A1 and A2 types. Digestion of A1 type forms the peptide β-casomorphin-7, which can have negative impacts on gastrointestinal ways, some of which resemble those in lactose intolerance.

Production of A1 or A2 milk with the resource of the usage of cows is dominated by the resource of the usage of a beta-casein gene which is located on chromosome range 6.

Digestive enzymes act upon A1 and A2 beta-casein proteins sooner or later during the digestion process. Beta- casomorphin-7 (BCM-7) is a bioactive seven-amino peptide that is released with the resource of the usage of digestive enzymes from the A1-beta-casein protein but the ones enzymes cannot break up the A2 protein due to the presence of proline at that location. So BCM-7 isn’t released from A2 proteins digestion.

A1 milk and its effects on health

BCM-7 will have an impact on many opioid receptors within the nervous, endocrine, and immune system. Infants are more inclined because of the truth they’ve got more chance of absorption of BCM-7 because of their less-developed gastrointestinal tract than the adults. BCM-7 may additionally act as an immunosuppressant and might increase the chance of Type 1 Diabetes, and Coronary Heart Disease. It is also related to some neurological disorders like Autism or Schizophrenia

Benefits of A2 Milk

A2 milk is unfastened from the devil in milk BCM-7 and therefore is steady for consumption. The populations consuming milk having more beta-casein A2 display a lower incidence of cardiovascular disorder and Type 1 diabetes. People who consumed A2 milk reported better stool consistency, less bloating, and less abdominal pain.

Production of A2 milk in India

A2 gene-modified into nearly at fixation (0.987) in zebu livestock. Indian livestock and buffalo breeds are counseled to have 99 to 100% of the A2 /A2 genotype and the A1 /A1 genotype is kind of absent or very unusual among them. Therefore, it could be said that our nearby cows and buffaloes produce healthy milk than European livestock breeds.


Consumption of milk containing A1 β-casein can have prolonged gastrointestinal inflammation, and decrease cognitive processing tempo and accuracy.  India is fortunately bestowed with a massive kind of dairy livestock and buffaloes producing the wholesome A2 beta casein. The time has come to look for improvement and conservation of our indigenous germplasm. However, more extensive studies are needed on A1 vs A2 milk.